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Publicado 2022-07-27

UX/UI Design Lead

Tipo trabajo: En remoto
País: Estados Unidos
Ciudad: Washington, DC
Experiencia: 4 años o más
Empresa: Høst

Descripción de la oferta

Høst Creative, a strategy and design consultancy based in Washington, DC, is looking for a full-time We are looking for a full-time UX Design Lead to help us perform user research and design interactive applications. We are in the process of developing and launching two new products along side our traditional advisory work and need a full time person dedicated to helping manage internal and external projects and products. Our work and products focus on sustainability, international development and social impact.

Roles & Responsibilities
Day-to-day, you’ll be creating design assets (wireframes, comps, and prototypes) but also art-directing team members, vendors, and partners across a variety of projects.

Høst team is small and mostly remote, but you’ll work continuously with partner organizations and clients in various sectors and (often) time zones.

Interactive systems (both web and native) are the bulk of the work we do, and you’ll spend a fair amount of your time solving problems around user experience, information architecture, and visual UI.

You’re good at…
You’re a versatile designer with experience in a variety of fields but you especially love interactive design and its unique challenges.

As a designer you focus on understanding problems and suggesting solutions. You’re comfortable researching a new problem and presenting recommendations back to the team, and you can work independently with minimal direction.
You are comfortable creating design systems and frameworks and can create mockups and designs which can be handed off to developers to code.

You’re comfortable with (or at least willing to learn) basic HTML and CSS, such that you’re conscious of how your design will function and respond in-context. Even better: you can create prototypes and develop your ideas in the browser.

You are able to facilitate workshops and research studies to uncover user needs that will form the basis of your design work
You have experience designing interviews, focus groups, and workshops and have a toolkit of techniques to uncover user needs.

You have experience managing client relationships from a design perspective and defending design choices, making recommendations.

You feel comfortable directing developers and resolving questions that come up during the development process
You can manage your time well and find the right balance between quality and speed to deliver the right solution for the situation.

You take careful notes and manage tasks and document your work carefully so that others can support and help you work as a team.

You are familiar with the following tools…
We use a variety of tools in our day to day work, however these are important for us and we want a team member who can push us to use these tools to the best

Google Workspace

Absolute requirements:
Minimum six years experience post degree
Experience working with large design systems
Fluent English

Experience working in large organizations
Experience working with international clients
Interest or background in Social Impact or Sustainability
Speak an additional language

Submit a portfolio of your work which includes a recent project you completed entirely on your own, and something you delivered as a part of your team. In the interview we will dive in to understand your design process as a sole designer on a project, and also your role working as part of a team.
In lieu of a cover letter, please write a short paragraph (no more than 6-10 sentences) about a social impact or sustainability cause that you are passionate about.

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