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Publicado 2022-12-09

UI/UX Designer

Tipo trabajo: En remoto
País: Colombia
Ciudad: Bogotá
Experiencia: Con experiencia previa
Empresa: My VA Support

Descripción de la oferta

GOA-TECH is looking for UI/UX Designer with a high English level (C1) to work FROM HOME

Main responsibilities: Some of your responsibilities as UI/UX Designer could be:

  • Define the user prototype, proto persona, or buyer persona to be clear about the company’s target. These profiles must be very specific and also address demographic and sociological aspects.
  • Determine what the interaction model will be and check its effectiveness.
  • Investigate and carry out all the tests that you consider necessary with real users, to identify behaviors and patterns and to be able to define which are the aspects that you value the most.
  • Design prototypes if it is material products or wireframes if we are talking about a website, visual schemes in which its structure is reflected simply.
  • Know perfectly the characteristics of the product or website with which the user interacts, to know exactly what is being offered and better understand their reaction.
  • Combine the UX with the UI. The User Interface is the one that takes care of the appearance part, issues such as typography or the colors used, or even ergonomics, for example. The product must be as attractive as it is capable of responding to the user’s needs.
  • Collaborate closely with the product development team.
  • Pursue constant optimization, resorting to usability tests, and observing the behavior of KPIs.
  • Be aware of market trends and keep an eye on the competition. It is important to identify the competitors and study them to know what strategies they are carrying out and what results they obtain.
  • Any other depending on the client’s needs.


  • Your salary will be define depending on your experience and expectations.

To apply for this vacancy you must complete the following Test:


We would like to stress the fact that as an independent employee you will be responsible for all contributions you need to make to any local or state government (income taxes, social security, health insurance, others).

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