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Publicado 2020-07-09

Shopify Developer

Tipo trabajo: Freelance
País: Estados Unidos
Ciudad: North America
Experiencia: Con experiencia previa
Empresa: Storetasker
Contacto: Nick Simpson

Descripción de la oferta

We are Storetasker, a marketplace that connects Shopify business owners with our network of experienced freelance developers, designers, and marketers. More than 30,000 Shopify merchants, including some of the fastest-growing brands in the world, have used Storetasker to hire reliable experts to improve their business. Right now, our customers have more demand for reliable, fast, and efficient Shopify help than ever before, and we can’t wait to introduce you.

If you have used other freelance marketplaces, you’re familiar with all the issues that come with being a freelancer on these platforms:

  • Lots of bidding and not a lot of work,
  • A race to the bottom for the lowest prices,
  • Competing against low hourly wages around the world.

We’re a company built by developers and freelancers who know the pain of running a successful freelance business first hand. So, here’s our pitch:

  • No bidding. We match you with clients who are right for you, so you don’t compete for work. If you accept a job, it’s yours. We connect you with the client directly so you can deliver a fair price and project expectations that work for both parties. If you don’t accept a job, no harm, no foul, the client will get matched with someone else.
  • Set your own rate. Storetasker Experts scope out costs on a per-project basis, reporting an average of $75 per hour completing projects on our platform. While our Experts vary from full-time Storetaskers to occasional freelancers, the average Expert makes $1,250 a month, with some making over $5k a month.
  • Learn new skills and get support from a community of certified experts. We interview and personally vet every applicant (that means you!) and hold our Experts to proven standards to help them maximize their earnings. By eliminating competition, we’ve created a helpful-first community of knowledgable Experts who keep each other on the cutting edge of Shopify development and successful freelance strategies.
  • Get paid as soon as the project is done. We’ve built a number of tools to automate and smooth out the payment processing, invoicing, and billing hurdles freelancers often face. We take payment for all projects upfront and hold it in escrow until it’s completed. No more hounding clients for accounts receivable.

If you:

  1. Enjoy solving problems and helping people,
  2. Have multiple years of experience helping with website updates and bug fixes in Shopify,
  3. Want to put that experience to good use and make between $50 and $100 an hour doing so,
  4. Want to work when you want to, from where you want to. No minimum hours, and no quotas. Just make the customer happy, then…

We want to hear from you!

Need some proof? Here’s what a few of our freelancers have to say about us:

«Working with Storetasker allowed me to continuously improve my skill set and build up my portfolio.» – Satish Voddi, Storetasker Expert

«I have clients I have been working with on Storetasker for years and wouldn’t change a thing. From qualified leads in my lap to automated billing, it truly is a freelancer’s business in a box» – Nick Simpson, Storetasker Expert.

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