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Publicado 2022-06-08

Product Designer

Tipo trabajo: En remoto
País: Chile
Ciudad: Madrid
Experiencia: Con experiencia previa
Empresa: Tacter

Descripción de la oferta

#About the position

🎯 As a Product Designer, you will be the the main responsible to research about our users, design Tacter products, maintain our design system and generate assets and specs for our engineering team.

## What do we expect for you:

🤝 Your responsibilities will be:

1) Conducting user research with interviews and surveys.

2) Design web and app products that provide value to web3 gamers.

3) Document hand-off for the engineering team.

You will be working in apps being used by thousands of players in a daily basis and aiming to be used by millions.

We want to be a small, fast and capable team. Autonomy, responsibility and team-work are some of our most important values.

## How will you work

The position is a full-time position, 100% remote with flexible working hours. This means:

– 🌴 You can work from anywhere you want as long as you have a good internet connection.
– 🤝 This is a full-time role of 40 hours / week.
– ⌚️ Flexible working hours means that there is not a set working schedule. There are only a few mandatory meetings. As long you assist them, how you organize your working hours is up to you.

## The tools that we use

Figma → We jumped into the Figma hype wave since the beginning of Tacter, Figma is our design and hand-off tool, we use it day to day to design and create marketing assets.

Notion → Our roadmap, documentation and processes are all in Notion, we use it our brain tool.

Amplitude → We use Amplitude as our analytics dashboard.

Slack → For day to day conversations we use Slack to communicate with our peers.

Discord → We’ve a community of Tacter users on Discord, one of our main sources of feedback.

## You’ll be working with

👥 You’ll be working in a small product team of 9 people divided into three product people, three frontend (web + mobile) engineers, and three backend engineers.

You’ll be working directly with:

– Carlo Padrón CPO and the initial designer of the Tacter products. He’s in charge of the daily process, roadmap and the product team.

– Alex González designer currently leading the designs of our platform. You’ll be working with him hand on hand for the upcoming Tacter games.

– The existing engineering team *(three engineers)* and three more that we are hiring at this moment. If you have friends that you’d like to work with, ping them!

## ✅ Must Have

– 🇺🇸 You’re comfortable communicating in English (Spanish would be cool too! But it’s not mandatory).

– 🎨 You’ve >3 years of experience designing web and app products, from user investigation to developer handoff.

– 📐 You’re familiarised (and in love) with Figma.

– 🔍 You’re capable of researching about users conducting interviews and surveys to gather user feedback and translating them into designs.

– ⚛️ You’re comfortable working with design systems, building reusable components and maintaining styles.

### 😍 Perfect Match If

– 🔐 You’re a blockchain, crypto, web3 enthusiast. You are interested in this technology and open to explore it in the future.

– 🏝️ You’ve previous experience working remotely in an asynchronous way.

– 👾 You are a gamer. Do you play videogames? Which ones? You’ll understand better our product if you like to play games.

# What we offer

– 💸 Salary between 30.000€ – 38.000€ depending on fit.
– 🕹️ 100% Remote, from anywhere in the world.
– 🏖️ 30 days of paid vacation days.
– 🗓️ Full-time → 40 hours per week in a totally flexible working schedule. Commit to your work and be present in the meetings, that’s what we ask you for.
– 🎟️ After six months, access to our employee stock options plan.
– 🪙 After six months, access to our team & advisors token rewards plan.
– 🌎 International project aiming to be a reference in a brand new sector: blockchain gaming.


Email us including

1) a brief introduction about yourself and

2) some links that showcases your prev. jobs (LinkedIn, CV, Portfolio, etc.)

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