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Publicado 2023-03-12

Freelance Writer

Tipo trabajo: En remoto
País: Colombia
Ciudad: Bogotá
Experiencia: Con experiencia previa
Empresa: Trueline

Descripción de la oferta

Este es una oferta de trabajo remoto para un escritor con una empresa con sede en los EE. UU. El puesto requiere fluidez total de inglés (C1), capacidad de trabajar como contratista independiente registrado en la DIAN y al menos cinco años de experiencia en escritura a tiempo completo.

People at Trueline are passionate, driven and perpetually curious. We believe that every company has a story to tell—be it a plucky startup or a multinational corporation. Our job is to help them tell it.

As a Staff Writer, you will be responsible for writing five feature-length stories per week (~1,000 words each) as well as 5-10 story abstracts (150 words each). These stories will appear in our publications: Vanguard, Toggle, Blueprint, Vision and Terra Firma. They must be written quickly based on phone interviews and internal notes. We’re looking for clear, concise copy—with a bit of creative flare (where appropriate). Unlike a typical magazine or newspaper job, this position involves a lot of customer service: making sure we shed the company in a positive light without sounding overly promotional.

If you’re passionate about writing (our writers generate roughly 6,000 words per week), love to learn new things and enjoy working in a fast-paced (virtual) environment, we’d love to hear from you!

What You’ll Do as a Writer:

  • Write feature articles profiling c-level executives for publication in our quarterly industry journals (five 1,000-word stories per week)
  • Write story abstracts (one or two a day at 150 words each), which we use to sell the story concept to the subjects.
  • Create content for our PR and marketing clients—everything from Facebook posts to press releases and web pages (this content would be created in lieu of stories and abstracts, not in addition to).
  • Use recorded phone interviews and internal notes provided by Content Developers for article development
  • Conduct additional phone interviews as needed
  • Share finished story with the subject and respond to feedback
  • Be an active presence on LinkedIn

Position Requirements:

  • Are registered as an independent contractor with DIAN
  • Are fluent in English, both written and spoken
  • Have at least five years of full-time writing experience (i.e. at newspapers, magazines or PR/marketing agencies)
  • Are comfortable working in a deadline-driven writing environment
  • Commit to mastering your craft and achieving your goals—whatever they may be
  • Are diligent and enthusiastic
  • Appreciate quality (and deliver it daily)
  • Regularly find yourself traveling down internet rabbit holes or asking odd questions to better understand the world around you
  • Are a tried-and-true storyteller; you could turn an ordinary grocery store run into a nail-biting thriller
  • Welcome feedback and an editor’s eye; you value good writing more than your ego
  • Are unafraid to share your writing with the subjects you have written about
  • Have a degree from an accredited 4-year college or university
  • Can provide your own equipment and have reliable internet

We Offer:

  • Pay to be agreed ($1200 per month for 5 stories and 5 abstracts each week)
  • A vibrant and inclusive remote culture
  • An environment of positivity and wellness
  • Monthly Trivia Nights, Happy Hours, and other activities to keep you connected
  • Business casual culture

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