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Continuous Improvement Analyst (Remote)

At Bunny Studio, we are currently looking for a Continuous Improvement Analyst to join our team! This is your invitation to raise your bar and team up with the world’s best creatives. We have built an environment where our team members help each other proactively to thrive. Where a sense of humor is valued as much as technical and human skills.

About Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio is the world’s only project fulfillment platform that provides over 50 end-to-end creative services. Powered by technology and run by humans, it works with the top 4% of global professionals to deliver voiceovers, writing, video, design services, and more in over 100 languages. With an extensive database of over 13,000 pre-vetted professionals, we back our risk-free policy with 24/7 support and lightning turnaround times. Our platform also renders developers and agencies unrivaled capabilities to scale their creative needs on-demand through its unique API integration. Our clients can always expect predictable outcomes, affordability, and ingenuity with Bunny Studio.

🐰 Our team: We’re currently with 74 people globally distributed. We come from different backgrounds; scientists, parents, designers, historians, engineers, writers, audio-visual producers, travelers, athletes, voice artists, pet lovers, and more. We’re all bunnies. As a collective, we refer to ourselves as the fluffle.

Read more about us here.

🌏 Our location: We’re a remote-first team. We work from Brazil, Nigeria, The Netherlands, The Philippines, Colombia, Argentina, England, and Uruguay, among other places. We don’t have an office.

🚀 Our launching year: We were created in 2011 during a hackathon and launched in February 2012.

💖 Our clients: We’ve partnered with more than 15,000 businesses to help them scale their creative needs over the years.

💸 Our investments: We’re a bootstrapped business. We grow our investment capacity by bringing more value to our clients.


About the role

The intermediate continuous improvement analyst is responsible for managing and improving the workflows and processes under which our creative services are produced and delivered. They create and maintain process maps and other business requirement documentation to capture best practices and track improvements. The continuous improvement analyst works closely with operations, product, and engineering teams to collect process specs, formulate improvements, and implement these in manual processes and in the platform.

The production of creative services involves the coordination of multiple creators (which we refer to as Pros) that collaborate to make a final product. Moreover, it involves internal processes that ensure that quality and speed are maintained throughout the production process. These processes include tasks such as project management, resource allocation, quality assurance, communication with clients and Pros, and negotiation of rates with Pros.

The continuous improvement analyst is responsible for the design, development, and improvement of these internal and automated processes. This involves using tools such as process mapping, process analysis, and process metrics to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement.


  • You will report to: Diego Perez, Head of Data Science and Analytics
  • Team: Data Science and Analytics
  • Location: Americas or EMEA
  • Start date: Mar 1, 2023 or ASAP

KPIs for this role

  • Percentage of automatic and manual processes mapped.
  • Costs saved through process improvements and automation.
  • Time saved through process improvements and automation.
  • Number of process improvements implemented.
  • Number of trainings designed and given in a period.

What you’ll do:

What you can expect on a day-to-day basis

  • Creation and maintenance of process maps and any other business requirement documentation for automatic and manual processes. This includes designing and planning the workflow layout for automated processes for project fulfillment.
  • Provide analytical and technical support to Customer Operations teams for analysis of internal business processes and system capabilities to improve accuracy and efficiency related to completion of global issues.
  • Analyze business processes and workflows in order to identify opportunities for improvement, efficiency, and automation. In particular, work with the Operations team to reduce costs and increase efficiency and thus the capacity per agent.
  • Manage a group of cross functional stakeholders to implement improvements and achieve the desired results, correcting issues in process execution and multiplying process learnings with key stakeholders.
  • Gain support and approval from cross functional key stakeholders for system and process changes.
  • Identify opportunities and document technical system and process requirements to improve operational efficiencies and customer service related global issues. Moreover, provide the Customer Operations managers with the required process documentation and SOPs.
  • Create and execute test cases to ensure the new system functionality is implemented as designed and existing functions are not adversely impacted.
  • Develop and document training requirements and materials and provide training as required for customer experience representatives, supervisors, and management.
  • Perform other duties as assigned regarding process improvement.

Challenges you’ll work on

For the first six months you are expected to help us work on the following challenges:

  • Create an overall mapping of current automatic and manual processes to identify improvement opportunities. Categorize these opportunities in effort and impact to create a roadmap of improvements to be implemented in the short and long term. Moreover, support the learning process of the Customer Operations team to become better project managers.


We know the confidence gap and imposter syndrome can get in the way of meeting spectacular candidates, so please don’t hesitate to apply — we’d love to hear from you.

  • Analytical mindset with a business process-driven approach to business requirements and issues/problems being raised. Preferred educational background in industrial, chemical, mechanical engineering, or other project management disciplines.
  • Proven record of delivering results, through process improvement and project management.
  • Experience in a customer experience or consumer services setting is preferred. The ideal candidate will have a broad range of experience within a number of functions including technology design and implementation, business process development, training and performance management, and workforce management analysis.
  • Experience creating and maintaining process documentation with an advanced knowledge of business process modeling notation (BPMN).
  • Proficiency with data analysis tools and techniques applied to process optimization, such as BPMN, Lean methodologies, etc.
  • Familiarity with design and prototyping tools like Camunda preferred.
  • Experience facilitating process improvement workshops and training.
  • Preferred certifications in Lean manufacturing, Six sigma, Project Management, or Business Analysis Certification.
  • Ability to thrive in an environment that is developing and growing quickly.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams.
  • Excellent grasp of project management lifecycle.
  • An adaptive mindset and a willingness to learn new skills & processes.

Career path

You will be expected to remain in this role for two years. The knowledge and experience you’ll gain may then enable you to perform any of the following roles, either at Bunny Studio or somewhere else:

  • Senior Continuous Improvement Analyst
  • Fulfillment Product manager
  • Data Analyst

Once you pass your trial period of 3 months, we will agree on your tour of duty, which specifically defines a successful employer-employee partnership: You assume the compromise of focusing your time and energy to our team with the goal of growing the company; we assume the compromise of investing in your personal and professional growth so that when the time comes for you to leave our team, you’ll have the tools, experience, and network to achieve equal success elsewhere

💰 Compensation

The salary for this role will be $30,372.43 to $35,045.11, depending on location

At Bunny Studio, we strive for equality amongst all our team members and are actively ensuring fair, unbiased compensation and fair pay along with competitive benefits. We’ve built a salary calculator that takes into account variables such as experience, skill level, and geographical location. Therefore, we ensure that peers at the same level get paid the same, and hence our salaries are non-negotiable during the hiring process. We kindly request that you ensure that the salary we offer is within your income expectations before you apply.


We also offer:

  • 🚀Stock options package. All Bunny Studio team members receive Stock Options. The options package is determined based on your role and job level. All roles are eligible at Bunny Studio to have access to Stock Options, after completing their 90 days probation period, with the starting date being the date they joined the company.
  • 🌍 Remote-first. Live and work from wherever you want. We’ve been a fully distributed remote company since our founding date. We work with team members from all over the world. We trust you to get your work done wherever and whenever.
  • 🧘 Flexible paid time off. No upper limit to the number of days you’d like to take to recharge. These include paid sick leave and mental health days. We adhere to local rules on holidays in each country.
  • 🩺 Health insurance. All Bunny Studio team members have access to paid medical health insurance. As a global remote-first company, we don’t have a universal provider, so we’ll coordinate directly with you on how to pay for it in your country.
  • 🤝 Our commitment to professional development. Once you pass your probation period, we will agree on your tour of duty, which defines a successful working partnership explicitly: You assume the commitment of focusing your time and energy on our team to grow the company; we presume the commitment of investing in your professional growth so that when the time comes for you to leave our team, you’ll have the tools, experience, and network to achieve equal success elsewhere.
  • 🤔 Education budget. You’ll have access to our education budget, from books to courses and coaching to in-person classes. We’ve built a comprehensive education framework and budget that you can use for your professional development plans.
  • 👨‍🍼 Paid parental leave. 4 months (or 16 weeks) of parental leave. We’ve built an inclusive, gender-neutral parental leave policy for anyone expecting a child through birth, surrogacy, adoption, or foster child placement in their home.
  • ✈️ Annual retreats. When we can, we meet in person for company get-togethers once per year.
  • 🎂 Birthday cakes. Having the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday and celebrate the life of a great team member like you is a true gift. We will ensure you get your favorite cake, brownies, or other preferred celebratory food at your doorstep.
  • 💻 Equipment. Laptop, keyboard, mouse, or trackpad, and noise-canceling headset to set you up for success from the get-go.
  • 🖥️ Home office setup. If you opt to work from home, we offer an annual stipend of $400- to set up your home office.
  • 📚 Free Kindle and books. Get a free Kindle during your onboarding and free books to get you started.

How we work

🙌 Our culture and values
Bunny Studio is a remote-first company with a close-knit team that spans 20 countries and five continents. Behind the platform, we celebrate diversity, individuality, and inclusion daily. We adopt a communicative digital culture that thrives on transparency, inquisitive learning, gifs, and emojis.

Our core values underpin how we work together day-to-day and the support we give to our customers and team members. We strive to empower our team members to be self-directed and self-motivated.

  • Think critically: We’re reflective and open to challenges. We use data to comprehensively explore issues, ideas, and events with a customer-centric approach before accepting or formulating an opinion or conclusion. If our perspectives and assumptions are mistaken or incomplete, we acknowledge them and are willing to change what we are doing or believe in light of these critical insights.
  • Learn continuously: We’re crazy about self-development and take every opportunity to learn. Every failure, victory, difficult conversation, and instance of feedback is a chance to learn and improve daily. When we fail, we take ownership of our mistakes, reflect on them and learn. When we succeed, we ensure we celebrate this and share our achievements with others.
  • Assert and empathize: We’re candid in expressing our wants and needs while still considering the rights, demands, and wants of others. We make an effort to make ourselves understood by engaging in proactive communication. We ask questions when we are uncertain, speak up when having an opinion or idea, ask for help when we need it, question the status quo, and speak up when we feel reserved, embarrassed, or fear being wrong or upsetting. We are patient and receptive to other peoples’ viewpoints if a conflict should arise. We are committed to helping others achieve success.
  • Innovate and adapt: We move forward with an adaptive mindset and are not afraid to do things differently or change how we do things. We thrive in environments of constant change and see opportunities where others see risk. Our mindset doesn’t depend on scale or resources; instead, we draw on our creativity and scrappiness for varied solutions and optimization of opportunities.
  • Trust: We have a strong belief and confidence in our people and the organization’s integrity, reliability, and fairness. We bring the best of who we are to our work, take ownership in collaborating, cooperating, and contributing to achieving our mission, and ensure our customers have all the support they need to reach their creative goals.
  • Consistently deliver memorable experiences: We are committed to excellence and are dedicated to raising the bar in making every user experience memorable. Our customers should leave happy even if they don’t buy from us. Clients and buyers should refer others to us, even if we didn’t fulfill their projects. Talents should be excited, even if they don’t pass our application process. Candidates for our job openings should love us and tell all their friends about us even if we don’t hire them. Team members should love Bunny Studio – its people, processes, technology stack, payroll, culture, and more – even after leaving our team. We should be passionate about delivering remarkable experiences.

Take a look behind the scenes at how we work. For more information on how we collaborate worldwide, check out our blog, We Are Bunny Studio.

Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion
We aim to provide a multicultural experience and equal opportunities throughout the organization. You’ll work in an engaging and safe environment with zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment. We welcome applicants of any race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, genetics, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or other characteristics.

What you can expect from our hiring process

  1. (async) Profile review
  2. Phone screen with Diego Perez, Head of Data Science and Analytics
  3. (async) Technical case study
  4. Case study presentation with Diego Perez, Head of Data Science and Analytics, and colleagues from the Engineering and/or Operations team.
  5. Interview with Maika Hoekman, Head of People Operations
  6. Interview with Santiago Jaramillo, CEO
  7. Offer


Bunny Studio is growing. Hop with us!

If you are still unsure whether Bunny Studio is the right fit for you, have a look at our top 10 reasons to work at Bunny Studio. This top 10 list has been compiled after we asked our team members their top 3 reasons they give to their family and friends to explain why they love working with us ✨

How to apply

⬇️ Please click on the button below to apply. ⬇️

We are an English-speaking company, and as such, we will not revise applications in other languages.

Analista de Comunicaciones Internas Freelance

Buscamos un Analista de Comunicaciones Internas para sumarse a nuestro equipo de trabajo.

En Greencomm ayudamos a nuestros clientes a crear estrategias de comunicación que potencian la experiencia de los colaboradores y ayudan a fortalecer la cultura organizacional..

Buscamos un perfil estratégico con experiencia previa generando estrategias de comunicaciones internas.
Si estás interesado en unirte a nuestro equipo, mandanos tu CV al correo.

Analista Paid Media

Buscamos profesionales con experiencia probada en diseño e implementación de campañas digitales. Sus responsabilidades serán crear, implementar y optimizar campañas, fundamentalmente, en Google ADS y Facebook ADS para diferentes clientes de distintas industrias, siendo en su mayoría sitios de ecommerce.

A su cargo estará el armado de reportes en base a Google Analytics y el continuo feedback con el área de Cuentas para hacer crecer los resultados de forma conjunta.

Si contás con experiencia y te interesa sumarte a un equipo en continuo crecimiento, envianos tu CV a sofia@communica.com.ar e info@communica.com.ar indicando tu remuneración pretendida y con referencia Analista Paid Media

QA Automation Analyst

En Cloud District ayudamos a empresas a lanzar sus productos digitales. Nos gusta idear y construir nuevos productos, diseñar servicios innovadores y generar transformaciones de gran impacto.

Contamos con un equipo experto en el desarrollo de productos digitales con cientos de proyectos a sus espaldas. Nuestros consultores, arquitectos y expertos en UX/UI cuentan con experiencia directa en la fundación y desarrollo de startups, dirección técnica y dirección de proyectos digitales de primer nivel.

Fomentamos el aprendizaje y la investigación interna, el conocimiento compartido y la orientación a los objetivos del cliente. Mantenemos la frescura de las startups y la curiosidad de los makers. Estamos en contacto permanente con la comunidad de desarrolladores y creadores visuales para conocer y evaluar las últimas tendencias.

Actualmente, estamos formando un equipo de QA y queremos contar con nuev@s compañer@s con experiencia en automation, testing de software y control de la calidad. Buscamos a unx junior QA para unirse a nuestro equipo de tecnología y dar apoyo a distintos proyectos.

– Diseño de plan de pruebas y casos de pruebas
– Ejecución de pruebas
– Gestión de defectos
– Diseño y ejecución de regresiones
– Realización de informes y documentación

– Al menos 1 año de experiencia como QA Analyst, Specialist o similar (las prácticas también cuentan como experiencia)
– Testing de software y control de calidad
– Herramientas de gestión de procesos de pruebas y gestión de tareas
– Pruebas manuales
– Definición y análisis de problemas
-Buenas habilidades de comunicación y coordinación con equipos de desarrollo
– Conocimientos o experiencia en metodologías ágiles, como scrum o kanban
– Entusiasmo por aprender nuevas habilidades y que te adaptes rápidamente a las nuevas tecnologías

¿Por qué Cloud District?
– 23.000-27.000€ brutos al año
– Flexibilidad para trabajar en la oficina o desde casa
– 23 días de vacaciones + el día de tu cumpleaños
– Flexibilidad horaria (+ jornada intensiva los viernes y del 15 de junio al 15 de septiembre)
– Seguro médico privado
– Posibilidad de escoger tu entorno de trabajo (Mac/Windows)
– Dos celebraciones anuales con todo el equipo
– Formación interna con reuniones semanales para tus compañeros sobre metodologías, pruebas de calidad, definición de historias de usuario…
– Una oficina con todas las comodidades en el centro de Madrid

Cuántas fases tiene este proceso de selección?
Este proceso está dividido en 4 fases: una primera entrevista de cultura con el departamento de People de unos 45 minutos, seguida de una entrevista técnica con el Director de Tecnología (45 minutos), una entrevista para que conozcas nuestros proyectos y cómo nos organizamos y, para finalizar, una charla de cierre.

Customer Strategy Executive Sr.

Nuestro equipo de CUENTAS se encuentra en la búsqueda de un CUSTOMER STRATEGY EXECUTIVE SR. cuyo principal objetivo será tomar el liderazgo de las cuentas de forma estratégica, siendo el referente principal tanto de cara al cliente como para el resto de los ejecutivos de su equipo y otras áreas.


Desarrollar estrategias con una mirada más macro del cliente de acuerdo al servicio correspondiente.
Ser referente para el cliente en cuanto a la toma de decisiones o consultas con mayor grado técnico, táctico y experiencia.
Supervisar, acompañar y capacitar a los ejecutivos dentro de su célula.
Analizar los resultados globales de cada cliente a través de reportes trimestrales o semestrales en conjunto con otras áreas.
Requisitos excluyentes

Lic. en Comunicación/Publicidad/Marketing/Gestión de negocios digitales.
4 años de experiencia en roles similares y en agencia.
Conocimientos en Excel, Data Studio, Analytics, Facebook y Google Ads, DV360, SEO Básico.

Condiciones de contratación

  • Modalidad híbrida
  • Relación de dependencia
  • Jornada full time (de 9 a 18hs)
  • Contrato a tiempo indeterminado

Si te interesa sumarte a este equipo, enviá tu CV al correo con la


Analista de Datos Junior

UVE es una agencia digital, cuyo máximo valor es la creación de soluciones que aumentan la conversión de visitas en compras a través de desarrollos tecnológicos a medida y la creación de contenidos de valor. Clientes como Leroy Merlin, NTT, Toyota, Beam Suntory, Greenalia, Topgel y muchos más confían en UVE Agency. ¿Quieres formar parte de nuestro equipo?

En este momento estamos buscando a una persona para trabajar a tiempo completo de lunes a viernes como «Analista de Datos Junior».


– Análisis y presentación de resultados de estudios y encuestas.
– Consultas en base de datos SQL con SAS,
– Ejecución de procesos semanales y mensuales en SAS,
– Actualización de datos en Excel.
– Resolución incidencias
– Análisis de ratios, campañas e incidencias.
– Colaboración en la transformación de datos en insights para el negocio.

Requisitos del candidato/a:

– Valorable Grado en Informática, Matemáticas ó Estadística así como formación en Big Data o Business Intelligence.
– Experiencia entre 1 y 2 años realizando funciones similares.
– Conocimientos de SQL.
– Experiencia en entornos de visualización: Power BI y/o Tableau y/o Google DataStudio.
– Imprescindible alto dominio de Excel.
– Persona analítica, con orientación al dato, organizada, proactiva, metódica y buen teamplayer.

Se ofrece:

– Contrato laboral indefinido con periodo de prueba.
– Salario entre 24.000€/26.000€ en función de valía del candidato/a.
– Trabajar en plena transformación digital de una importante multinacional.

¡Muchas gracias!

Analista de Tecnología


Estamos buscando un/a Analista de Tecnología para uno de nuestros clientes en Bogotá o Medellín.

Modalidad: Híbrida

¿Qué debes tener en cuenta?

-Tecnólogo y/o Profesional en temas relacionados programación, desarrollo de sistemas de información o desarrollo de software.
-Preferiblemente con experiencia de 6 meses (No es obligatorio).
-Python (Experiencia trabajando con APIs, visualización de datos y buenas prácticas de programación), JavaScript (Deseable)
-Conocimiento de la metodología SCRUM, Test-Driven Development (TDD), y bases de computación en la nube (Google Cloud Platform)
-Toda la actitud y las ganas de aprender y aportar.

Si eres tú, dale clic aquí: https://aprendamos.typeform.com/Analista-TI

Analista de performance

Buscamos a esas personas con el talento y las propuestas que hagan match con nuestra misión: retar las verdades establecidas. 🧑‍💻🧑‍💻🧑‍💻
¡Únete a esta comunidad creativa y trabaja desde el lugar que tú elijas! 🌴
¿Estás interesadx en alguna de estas vacantes? Compártenos tu CV.
Ciudad de méxico